Our work is based on two truths;

1. Organizational profitability and success in the 21st century will center around getting sustainability (social, environmental and financial) right, i.e. positive impact. It's not a choice or nice to have, it's already mandatory. And we all share the same compass - the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


2. To stand apart and provide the best product or service you need relentless innovation and this time it's not only about operational efficiency, product features or business models. Organizations need to innovate in multiple dimensions, together with every stakeholder, to ensure that they deliver as much positive impact as possible. Impact innovation is innovation squared. It requires a purpose driven organization spearheaded by a new breed of changemakers - intrapreneurs with a focus on impact. 

Congress for Environmental Advancement has a unique and hyper targeted specialization that amplifies organizational impact innovation by virtue of intrapreneurship. Our secret sauce is continuously improving and is based on proprietary strategy and innovation models like the Impact Screener© and Impact Innovation Matrix© that reveal if organizations and projects are poised for high returns in an impact driven world. We take on clients that want to leapfrog the competition in 3 ways;

  • Joining existing projects and concepts
  • Bespoke project development according to client wishes
    • Strategy Advisory on existing strategies and new directions


    Project Process

    Through our stakeholder inclusion model and directly matching academic superstars as well as entrepreneurs with clients the aim is to co-create innovations that accelerate the clients' work with achieving positive impact. We believe this is where the magic happens and with the proper facilitation and models clients will get inspiration and tools for innovation and entrepreneurial methods.

    Past examples of deliveries for clients

    Apart from traditional strategic advisory work we have;

    • developed impact investing screening methodology
    • designed and implemented impact focused case competitions for both corporate and governmental clients
    • designed accelerators for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs
    • designed sustainable finance labs
    • pioneered impact oriented entrepreneurship competitions
    • designed and implemented prize winning environmental campaigns focusing on reducing CO2
    • launched startups focused on delivering value for people, planet and profit
    • authored numerous articles on sustainable finance and investing, sustainability and innovation


    Interested in learning more about impact innovation before going into implementation? Contact us for a seminar (at your location or digital), catered to your specific wishes, for example on how to scale up intrapreneurship and impact innovation, the latest trends in entrepreneurship and sustainability and how they can/should be deployed in your organization.