Formula SDG

Formula SDG - 17 races -  17 SDGs

What is Formula SDG?

It's a race taking place in 17 cites around the world where each race represents one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Cities showcase and accelerate their efforts while hosting a race between companies to come up with the best innovation for positive impact on the relevant SDG. All supercharged with external innovators driven solely by their passion for change and impact innovation. 

In short think of Formula SDG as a racing car championship like Formula 1 or Formula E, but instead of racing cars over the finish line, we race for innovation that will take us over the 2030 finish line. 

Who is this for?

Cities and corporations that want a shot in the arm of inspiration for their work with the SDGs and gain a competitive edge. Everyone is working with these goals and we all need to for the sake of society. But there will be a select few that also capture the business opportunities resulting from fast tracking new products, services, capturing new market segments and expanding into new territories as slow movers loose market share. 

Why the focus on innovations?

Drastic shutdowns of the economy to reduce human activity will not work, the only way forward is relentless innovation and collaboration across sectors. We can thrive and live on a healthy planet with the right mix of tech, policies and behavioral changes. But let's not kid ourselves, without innovations and technology it will not be enough. 

Why is CongressEA developing and promoting this racing series?

We have been working with sustainability and innovation for 10 years with a special focus on radically different formats to capture the imagination of bigger crowds when it comes to sustainable development. The last 7 years we have had a specialization on the benefits from entrepreneur/startup methodology to drive innovation in larger organizations in the corporate and governmental sector. We have now distilled our knowledge into our biggest project ever and are excited scale up innovations that truly matter. 

When will it take place?

The races are scheduled for calendar year 2021. Currently we are negotiating and selecting who will get the spots as host cities and company "racers". 

Why should my city or company participate?
  • Fast track your work towards successful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the 2030 deadline might seem far away but cities and corporations that achieve the goals faster will gain an incredible edge in the competition for investments, talent and success with their customers/citizens
  • be seen as a sustainability frontrunner in front of millions of passionate global citizens where you cut through the noise via a headline grabbing format
  • acquire radical and creative new insights on SDG innovation from passionate changemakers focused on impact innovation 
  • discover and embolden the internal heroes in your organization - the intrapreneurs taking your SDG efforts to the next level

We want to be a host city/Our company wants to be in the race - what's next?

This is not a contest, this is a race for the future. Don't stand on the sidelines and see your competitors race by. 

Contact us and learn more about participation and sponsorship opportunities. There are limited number of host city races and corporate participation sponsorships so act fast and secure your spot.