We provide Advisory in the following sectors;

  • Corporate sector - multinationals with complex value chains and operations that directly impact multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and want ways of unlocking impact innovation in their organizations or advice on existing strategies. 
  • Financial sector - banks, insurance companies, investment funds that want a deeper understanding on how to screen their portfolios from an impact innovation angle. 
  • Governmental sector - cities, regions, governmental departments and national governments that need more inspiration on how to work with impact innovation to better deliver services to citizens. 
  • Intergovernmental organizations - how to ensure big international campaigns and projects spanning countries and continents have the correct impact innovation mix to truly deliver long lasting value to its target audiences. 

Clients reach out to us because they want to;

  • Positively impact the world by leveraging their size, skills and resources in the most optimal way to create direct, measurable and long lasting positive impact in either environmental or socio-economic areas, for example in any of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 1-17). 
  • Profit and generate revenue from impact innovation activities, an often neglected aspect as it has been seen more as CSR and PR before. Now it's time to turn these activities into profit centers. Unlocking the path to revenue is the key to capture the vast opportunities that lie ahead as "profit with purpose" becomes the dominant paradigm in the economy.
  • Discover untapped potential in their organization, entrepreneurs can be found everywhere, it's not only the dorm room tech focused entrepreneur anymore. You most likely have intrapreneurs in your midst, driven by the same zeal of creating change. We help bring them out and let them become the superstars they were destined to be and lift your whole organization in the process.
  • Enhance brand value from existing projects and future activities that speak directly to an ever more positive impact conscious consumer.
  • Strengthen recruitment pipeline to attract top talent. Current and future recruits place purpose driven organizations with clear and positive impact on society as their top choices. Engage in the right activities to capture the zeitgeist and imaginations of future colleagues.

    Examples of clients we worked with over the years;

    • Skanska
    • Lund University
    • WWF
    • Roche
    • Assa Abloy
    • British Council
    • European Spallation Source
    • Swedish Institute
    • International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
    • Impact Hub London
    • Forum for Social Innovation
    • Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship
    • Helsingborg City
    • Lund Municipality