Monday, March 14, 2016

Large project processes at CongressEA

CongressEA has been engaged in three major ideation processes in the UK and Sweden the last 6 months with the intent of building viable and impactful projects and organizations. For confidentially reasons we can't reveal partner and clients names before the projects launch but we can share some exciting tidbits and also invite potential partners to contact us to learn more in respective markets. 

In Sweden we have been working with a major international civil society organization in designing a platform for innovating around alternative business models that help bring about long term change in the financial sector. The work has included concept planning, strategy advice and interviews with key individuals and organizations in the Swedish financial sector. We will know in the next couple of months if and when this organization will be funded and by whom. We are optimistic. 

In the UK we are working with the leading platform for impact entrepreneurs in designing and planning an accelerator that will bring about synergies and collaboration between social entrepreneurs and change makers inside large corporations. The process will use impact investing as a tool to move away from "business as usual" investments in areas like infrastructure, supply chains and social services. It's a concept that CongressEA intends to bring to other markets so we are open for dialogues with partners in other regions.

We have also been busy with a groundbreaking new project that is designed to disrupt the sustainability rating sector. How to give financial sector actors the impetus to include ESG considerations in their analysis by developing a tool that integrates financial metrics and performance with ESG data in a novel way, where the long term viability of Planetary Boundaries is the key baseline. This project will very soon be launched as a standalone organization where CongressEA will act as a strategic partner. 

In the upcoming months as the projects advance we will update our audience with progress reports and whom we are working with. 

Exciting times!

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