Thursday, November 19, 2015

Systemic change thinking

Attended a seminar at the Impact Hub Westminster here in London today with the intriguing title "Systemic thinking and Sustainability Entrepreneurship". Systemic change is at the forefront of our work in the impact investing space and in the grander scheme to create sustainable financial markets. It's hard to see the forest for the trees when starting a business and the system thinking approach can help you to understand the interlinkages and stakeholders you directly or indirectly come into contact with. It will also help you to understand what form of organisation you should create, for example a business or a community, whether to work from within with incremental innovation or from the outside with a disruptive approach. To work alone or in a larger ecosystem. Tuukka Toivonen, PhD from SOAS University in London gave a thought provoking presentation on how to see the bigger picture in your idea and to journey from startup to system changer.

It's always wise to take a step back and analyse your mission and vision and in our work to promote impact investing as a new investment paradigm it is one of the core themes in our message to clients and partners. Use impact investing, not only because it will ensure long term financial viability or even ecological viability but because it forces you to work across sectors in a tight and rewarding relationship with your stakeholders. Spreading the benefits to wider sections of society is truly a win win scenario. 

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