Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Impact Investing in the business and governmental sectors

At CongressEA our mission is clear, help scale the impact investing sector by introducing it into new areas and industries, specifically the business and governmental sectors. We advocate that they gradually adopt the characteristics of impact investing when investing in their own core operations, be it to bolster the supply chain or a large-scale public infrastructure project. Over time this will create massive positive impact that will transform the economy and give us a fighting chance of coping with climate change, a rising population and a need for more resources like water, energy and food.

Too many, impact investing is still new or even unknown but the case to get started now is strong. Understanding how impact investing can and will effect your operations will reveal benefits like enhanced stakeholder relationships and building strong cross sector alliances. Impact Investing goes well beyond CSR schemes and puts the organization on the path to a more harmonious relationship with society and the environment. It means understanding and managing long term risks in a more interdependent and holistic manner.  Ultimately it will show the way on how to balance the need for financial returns and positive impact, not as uneasy enemies but as inseparable forces.

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