Congress for Environmental Advancement's work is three layered and consists of;

Advocacy - via our blog ImpactInvest and social media to highlight game changing startups, entrepreneurs and technologies that are creating positive environmental and social impact.

Seminars - discover and understand the sector through seminars tailored to client and sector
  • Landscape and opportunity analysis on local, national and global level - exciting startups, entrepreneurs, concepts and technologies.
  • Characteristics – parameters, concepts and instruments, why impact investing is a game changer in the quest to create societal, shareholder and stakeholder value.
  • Trends & Progress monitor – state of the sector and synthesis of the latest thought leadership.
  • Best practices – benchmark with relevant case studies from around the world to distill success factors and learnings from failure.

Advisory - we work with a diverse set of actors across sectors on;
  • Search and discovery of impact investment opportunities based on set criteria & perform due diligence. 
  • Formulating customized plans and policy for engaging in impact investing based on organizational goals, themes and desired metrics, also for corporate and governmental sector that want to accelerate corporate responsibility in supply chains, invest in resilient infrastructure or partake in innovative social service delivery.
  • Formulate and prepare capital raising strategy for impact startups to ensure impact investing readiness and proper investor landscape mapping.

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Clients and partners 
  • Corporations 
  • Corporate Foundations
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment funds
  • National governments, regional bodies, municipalities, city councils
  • Political parties
  • Development aid organizations (governmental, semi-governmental)
  • Intergovernmental organizations 
  • NGO's & Foundations
  • Academia
  • Media

Organizations across a wide range of sectors want to understand how impact investing affects them and how to best implement it in their respective situation, as global megatrends redraw the competitive landscape. Are you ready for the transformation?