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Impact Investing

Investments that strive for positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns are not a new phenomenon. Ethical investing, ESG compliance, socially responsible investing and sustainable investing are some of the mechanisms in existence. They screen and exclude pre-determined sectors like tobacco and arms or invest in best-in-class companies. Does impact investing push the envelope? Is it a game changer or just more of the same?

Impact Investing is a broad term that can include investing as discussed above where financial returns are the priority, so called financial first investments. It also occupies the opposite end of the spectrum, i.e. impact first investments from charities and NGO’s that don’t strive for any financial returns, to venture philanthropists that settle for below market rate returns. The real promise however, lies in investments that catalyze the pursuit of an economy where profit and positive social/environmental impact are inseparable concepts and not opposite ends on a scale where increasing one means decreasing the other. It's not about finance or impact first, it's not about placing them on an equal footing, it's about making them mutually reinforcing - the new and critical competitive advantage in a changing world.

CongressEA believes in impact investing, not as a trend or just the term itself, but as a philosophy where the underlying principle is that positive social and environmental returns constitute the very foundations for future financial returns. We also believe in strong financial returns and growth to spur innovation, development and prosperity for humankind. Organizations and entities that can fine tune this balance, using new models and thinking, will be tomorrow’s winners in an ever more multifaceted landscape.

New investment opportunities 

The impact investing sector has found initial success in the form of investments into social enterprises and social entrepreneurs and the momentum continues to grow. At CongressEA we look beyond social entrepreneurship as a vertical, instead taking the position that all entrepreneurship will be impact oriented as entrepreneurs become more values driven, both from an internal desire but also because of external demands and circumstances. This will open up fantastic new investment opportunities for impact investors who will see a dramatic uptick in deal flow. Large corporations and the governmental sector will also benefit from an increase in high quality impact entrepreneurs as they need to look outside their own organizations to discover breakthrough technologies, innovative thinking and partners in service delivery to cope with complex global challenges like climate change.


Congress for Environmental Advancement (CongressEA) was founded by serial entrepreneur Richard Lindberg and is headquartered in London. It's origins can be traced to Lund, Sweden where the organization initiated and led sustainability focused projects that relied on cross sector collaboration as a key success factor. Close partnerships with marquee brands within business, academia, government, civil society and media produced a diverse set of projects ranging from live case competitions, capacity building for social entrepreneurs and lobbying municipalities for low carbon commitments. Our commitment and experience with working with impact entrepreneurs stretches back years and we are excited to help you discover the next billion dollar idea, stay tuned for positive impact innovations!